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Gaillimh's place

26 July 1985
Oh gosh... what can I say? well, I'm French. As you could say, no one's perfect! I'm also a student doing a Master degree in English Linguistics. Basically, that means I love anything regarding languages and the history of the English language and how languages vary and change and are transmitted to people. I also love cats (have one myself), the seaside, the mountains too. I hate Picardy (the region where I live), spinach, selfishness, hatred. Oh, and I'm 1m70 tall (dunno in feet), brown-haired, green-eyed. I definitely love Britanny and Scotland -where I stayed for a year. My favorite colour's navy blue. If I were a bird I'd be a seagull, just to know what flying feels like. Yeah, and I am very shy and don't dare to do things if I know I'm gonna fail while doing them.
ceilidhs, celtic culture and stuff, house md, linguistics, scotland