The Doctor (S&J)

Hear this chant I sing to thee

 This was supposed to be an alternative way of telling a story. The initial story was that of a pregnant blonde-haired blue-eyed woman who went to a park and started feeling contractions, this indicating that she was about to deliver. Unfortunately, the park was deserted, except or a homeless guy who came to her help. My friends wrote the story from different viewpoints. I choose to make it  a poem. My teacher liked the result...



Hear this chant I sing to thee

What joyful days thou offered me!

A poor beggar, Ireland’s son

An out-sleeper whom thou didst free


Winter and spring, moon and sun

Passed on and on aft met we had

One cold bright morn the deed was done

Saved you I had from darkening sun.


Hills and woods tired thee poor lad

Blond-haired, blue-eyed, with sweaty face

The belly round, looking for a space

To deliver the king of our race


The robin rose, and came a-flying

With shriller throat, started to sing

“Come all; behold the new-born king

For here he is now, a-sleeping.”


Then thou chose me to your prince be

In thy realm; and rule over

The moon, the skies, the hills, the sea

Thy heart for ever I shall be.


Now the dark-blue sea, the hills, the sky

I’ll see no more but through thine eye

For gone I am, far far away

But joyful still that we met that day.

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The Doctor (S&J)


   Well, as I mentioned in my profile, I am a 22-year-old French student. The only thing that really sucks about this is me being French and me being a student. Student 'cause students are poor and constantly rely on part-time jobs or on their parents for money. And being French 'cause although Franche is a very nice country with hills and mountains and volcanoes and seaside, it's dull and boring. 

   More precisely, I live in the northern bit of France. A region called Picardy. As you may know, French "régions" are divided into "départements". So, I live in the département named Oise (in a tiny village north of Compiègne) during weekends, and in another département named Somme (in a big city named Amiens) during the week.

   I have been to Scotland for a year last year for my studies, and although the country was much more different, I liked it better. Maybe because I didn't have to confront people who have known me for years and that I could make friends with people who did not have to judge me for my appearance but for I truly am.

   For example, I love my family. They are very nice and I am grateful for everything they gave me. But altogether it's sometimes getting harder and harder to cope with them. My sister (20 in October) spends most of her time ignoring me or looking down upon me, like I should show that I'm strong-minded and the elder sister etc whereas I really don't seek confrontation. As for my mother, I understand she's often is pain due to her rheumatism and she's would get upset for anything -angry-like, I mean- which is hard to cope with, especially when that leads her into being angry wuth either my father or my sister for weeks. My dad is nice. Cool-tempered, calm. I love this part of him. And his  humour and apparent self-confidence. But he gets really annoying when money, politics or education's concerned. Neither of them is able to go beyond what they think and enlarge their view and opinions. 

   The trouble too is that my family will never consider me as an adult. I've grown up, definitely. But I don't know what life's like. As a child I was used to be told "you'll know when you're older", then "you'll know when you pass your A-levels", "you'll know when you're at Uni", "you know when you've got your driving-licence", "you'll know when you work", "you'll know when you've kids", and so on and so forth. It is much unpleasant being dismissed because you have not done this and that while you cannot be a child anymore. 

   Seeing that I cannot tell them how I feel about what I feel, I try to find answer elsewhere when I just don't keep everything for myself. As a Roman catholic, I put my faith in God. But there again, I am at a loss about what it means to be a Catholic, a Christian and such things. I would not put the existence of God in question, as I have had the proofs I needed. But I definitely have the way people worship Him in France. Church services are dull, static and jsut a nightmare.

  My interest is essentially oriented towards Linguistics. I discovered that about 4 years ago from one great Harrison Ford-looking lecturer from my Uni. and Middle English too. As a result, I decided to abandon the idea of becoming a secondary school teach to that of becoming a University lecturer. Of course, that implies more personal involvement, and a teacher training school degree, and a PhD, and many years to come. I am particularly fascinated my the way languages evolve, how they are transmitted, and influenced. Unfortunately, few people share my passion or even show interest for this.

  I suppose you've got a good idea of who I am now. So I suppose I'll have to get started. Now, I've no idea how to use this communication mean. I have a blog on but it works slightly differently. Besides, due to my personal involvement in my studies I may not have much time to update it. Anyway, as always I'll do my best and see what comes of it.

Enjoy your time here,